Our Team

We’re a small team of aerospace engineers, fabricators and pilots with a passion for aviation and adventure. We live and work on the Central Coast of California.

Our Story

This all began when we couldn’t find an ideal utility knife that met our requirements, so we decided to make it ourselves. What started as a fun side project soon became a vision for a full line of intentionally designed everyday carry tools, and we left our day jobs to pursue this adventure full-time (while still dabbling in a few aerospace projects on the side, of course!)

Our Mission

To engineer everyday carry tools that just work. We believe the tools you rely on the most should be simple and well-crafted, allowing you to focus on the adventure at hand.

Our Method

Our experience in the aerospace industry influences every step of our design and manufacturing process. After years of engineering, building and flying experimental aircraft, we learned that simple solutions are often the most reliable (and elegant!) We make our products with the same materials and methods we use to design aircraft systems, sparing no attention to detail in order to get it just right.