Fairing Keychain Stash

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The Fairing Keychain Stash is a convenient way to keep some emergency cash or medication on hand. The small size is just the right dimensions to hold one folded U.S. bill. The large size can hold two bills, toothpicks, matches, your lock-pick set—anything small and important you want to carry every day.


  • Tight-tolerance threads provide water-resistant protection against drops and spills
  • Tapered key ring hole prevents keys from spreading out
  • Grade 5 titanium body with a bronze or carbon-reinforced polymer cap
  • Smooth tumbled finish
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Exterior length: 2.07"
  • Interior depth: 1.35"
  • Interior diameter: 0.375"
  • Titanium/bronze weight: 0.45 oz.
  • Titanium/polymer weight: 0.30 oz.


  • Exterior length: 3.38"
  • Interior depth: 2.65"
  • Interior diameter:  0.375"
  • Titanium/bronze weight: 0.68 oz.
  • Titanium/polymer weight: 0.53 oz.
aircraft fairing under wing

Behind the Name

On aircraft, a fairing is an aerodynamically formed surface that reduces drag. Fairings are found on multiple areas of aircraft including landing gear, engines and wingtips.
Just the right size

The large stash is designed to fit toothpicks and the small stash perfectly holds a U.S. bill. (Tip: fold the bill in half once lengthwise, then repeatedly fold it in half crosswise until you can’t fold it any longer. We find this method easier than rolling!)

EDC cash stash and toothpick holder
EDC titanium stash made in the USA
Bronze vs. Polymer

The bronze cap will develop a natural patina with use, while the carbon-reinforced polymer is ultra-lightweight without sacrificing strength or durability.